Qui sommes-nous ?

Watchmaking, Mechanics, Couture and Luxury Atelier
The DNA of two Swiss founders gave birth to the Adventure that began in 2018.
Being in love with fashion and despite market trends, they decide to put together a team of professionals and experts from Geneva prestigious world of Swiss watches, who are passionate about Denim. Three brands were born. Allying an appeal for fashion, the accuracy of the Swiss watch, and the mechanical precision with luxury textile.

Here is the challenge

For more than a century, the world of Denim has crossed eras, movements and tendencies, etablishing a co mmon thread between the generations, just as watchmaking and mechanics. The essence of Denim is to undergo the damage effects of wearing in everyday life.
The impact of this wear, of friction, of passing time leaves an imprint of blue nuances.

The care of details is our biggest challenge. The story of our threebrands begins...

Premium Denim for all

Either for cut, comfort or mastery of elements, they privilege the quality over quantity and the rarity of accomplished designs, elabored in every single feature of your Denim.
We are not trying to relook; we are recreating.

Powerful brands with emotional and genuine value. A defined personality bringing delight to all passionate people looking for thoroughly chosen and trendy wardrobe that leaves no detail to chance in the choice of fabrics as well as in the quality of fits and cuts.
The retro designs have been brought back to the runway, offering a timeless and modern style. The Denim «Swiss Touch» with a «Swiss Spirit» life style and tailored the precision of the Swiss watch and mechanics. Inspirations and essential trends with the influence of vintage Southern California.